Who We Are

Our Origins

Who we are.

We are one team with three stores:

East Grand Forks, Fargo, and Moorhead.

And we are here to help.

So where did we get started? 

We are three friends that came together with one idea in mind: to share what we had learned and felt after using a great line of CBD products. 

Meet owners: Matt Stengl, Alexa Dobberstein, and Karrli Johansson,

After opening up one store in Otsego, MN, we quickly learned that northwestern Minnesota did not have anything available in terms of high quality CBD products. And, with Matt having been born and raised in East Grand Forks, we decided it was time to help this area have access to great relief. 

Matt comes with a background in graphic design. He currently runs the local company, Signature Graphix, next to running the three CBD stores here in northwest Minnesota. 

Alexa and Karrli are two sisters and nurses. Alexa currently works in surgery and post operative care but also has work experience in pediatrics and critical care. Karrli works in the area of oncology and infusion services, specializing in rheumatology and immune disorders.

So what do you get when you pair a graphic designer and two nurses? 

You get great looking CBD stores with high quality products and expertise in your health and wellness concerns! 

Together, we have found that CBD has made our daily journeys much easier and we are here to help you find that same success.