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Can I Add CBD to my Coffee?

How do you take your coffee in the mornings? Maybe it’s just black, maybe it’s with sugar, or maybe it’s with one of those fancy seasonal creamers they’re always coming out with. Maybe it’s with CBD oil. From Keto coffee to protein coffee to CBD coffee, new brews are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re looking for a way to mix it up, you might want to try the new trend of adding CBD to your coffee.

Why CBD?

Research shows that CBD has several notable health benefits, including a reduction in pain, inflammation, nausea, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. It may also help people with sleep problems, while others take it for improved focus. It’s important to remember that CBD typically performs better when it is taken consistently. It will still perform when taken occasionally, but you’ll see more of the benefits with regular use.

And a reminder: CBD (cannabidiol) is not the same as THC or marijuana, so you won’t be getting high from your CBD latte.

The Benefits of CBD Coffee

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, chances are you’re just as addicted to the routine of enjoying that first sip in the morning as you are to the caffeine. Coffee is a natural antioxidant, and coffee can also improve brain function. Research even shows that simply smelling coffee in the morning can reduce stress and anxiety! However, some people experience some anxiety from the rush of caffeine that comes from coffee. They may feel jittery or get an upset stomach when all they wanted was to feel more awake in the morning.

But when combined with CBD, you’re left with a CBD latte super drink! You get the benefits of both CBD oil and coffee. While coffee gives you the energy and buzz you need to get going in the morning, the downside is that the caffeine can spark anxiety or jitters. CBD, in turn, helps calm anxiety. When combined in a CBD latte, the coffee and CBD level each other out. CBD has prolonged effects when it’s ingested, so you’ll get that balance even with your second or third cup of coffee.

How Does it Work for Me?

If you’re ready to try a CBD latte in the morning, you’ll need to nail down the right dosage. This might take some experimenting on your part. You may want to try this on a non-workday to see how you feel with half a dropper, then a full dropper. If you’re an experienced CBD user, you may already know what dosage works best for you. Add a flavorless or natural-flavored dropperful of water soluble CBD oil. You could also try out CBD-infused coffee!

Some people are also adding CBD to their tea, too, which might be a soothing bedtime routine to help you get a restful night of sleep. Would you add CBD to your coffee or tea? Let us know what you think!

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