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CBD FAQs: What Ratio of CBD Should I Use?

With CBD legalized in all 50 states, people are noticing how helpful and healthy it is for their bodies and mind. CBD (cannabidiol) is a very abundant strain of cannabis, but it can be difficult to know exactly how to manage ratios for positive effects.

Knowing how to use CBD products is crucial to getting the most out of every tincture. We wanted to explore the magic of cannabinoid combinations, so you can receive all the health benefits of CBD without having to commit to trial and error.

Exploring CBD Products

There are many different forms of CBD products, these products are becoming more commonly used by millennials, ages 18-29. People between the ages of 30-49 are also starting to use CBD products more frequently, as well. The more commonly bought products are CBD gummies or edible CBD products (edibles), which are easiest to ingest. The list of other types of cannabis therapeutics go on; for example, there are tinctures, hemp-drops, topicals, capsules, patches, and even flower. All these products produce a calming/relaxed feeling and are used by people to soothe aches and pains, relieve anxiety, and increase overall health.

Answering Your CBD FAQs

If you’re ingesting CBD and THC together, you’ll need to know the correct ratio to use for positive effects. The correct CBD/THC ratio to treat anxiety is around 10:1 with CBD being 10x more relevant than THC. Other common ratios of CBD/THC are 1:1, 5:1, and 20:1, depending on the person using it and the intended use. The 1:1 CBD/THC ratio is the best option for treating all kinds of pain, although it is not legal to sell/ingest more than 0.3 percent of THC in a product, for most states in America.

Finding the Correct CBD Dosage

Knowing the correct dosage of CBD to ingest for a specific person means doing some simple math. 0.25(mg) multiplied by your body weight should give you the correct number of milligrams to ingest. For example, if a 160lb man wants to try CBD then he would have to solve “0.25 x 160” to get the correct dosage, which is 40(mg). That amount of CBD would be the correct amount to ingest when wanting to experience the full health benefits. Everyone experiences CBD a little differently because of their age, weight, height, and sex. As you get older, your metabolism gradually gets slower, and it will take longer to feel the full effects of CBD.

If you need help finding the best dosage for yourself, the experts at Hempdropz can help. Contact us with your questions and ask about our high-quality products.

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