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The Importance of High-Quality CBD

If you’re new to trying CBD products, there are a few things you should know. Start by learning the basics, of course, as well as how much CBD you should take the first time you try it. However, before you invest in a product, it’s important to understand why you should only be buying high-quality CBD. If you’re not, you might not be receiving the maximum health benefits from your CBD product, or worse, you could be introducing harmful toxins into your body.

As a new and natural product, CBD is not yet heavily regulated, leaving the market open for less-than-honest sellers. Companies use different methods to extract and manufacture their CBD, and that can have all the difference on the quality of the final product. With an ever-expanding market, there’smbound to be some below-average CBD in the mix—here’s how to ensure you’re getting high-quality CBD products.

CBD Extraction Method

As mentioned above, CBD manufacturing is not well-regulated. If a company is selling their CBD products at an abnormally low price, it’s possible they could be using harmful extraction methods that utilize toxic chemicals, like propane or butane.

Reputable CBD companies use safer methods to extract their CBD oil: CO2 extraction, for example, or by using organic ethanol. These methods result in high-quality CBD and, unlike toxic solvents, they don’t leave behind harmful contaminants.

Hemp Source

Location, location, location—where the hemp is grown matters, and if the CBD seller is hesitant to disclose that information, it’s not a good sign. Hemp plants are extremely absorptive, soaking up everything in the soil, including toxic metals like mercury, arsenic, and lead.

Invest in CBD products that are produced from hemp grown on organic, regulated, and trusted hemp farms. In addition, double check that the products you’re considering for purchase have been lab-tested for toxins and the minimum amount of THC.

Using high-quality CBD ensures you can soak up the health benefits without worrying about harmful toxins contained in the oil. Reputable sellers should be willing and eager to discuss their manufacturing process, as well as the source of the hemp, to put your mind at ease.

With three locations in Minnesota and North Dakota, look no further for high-quality CBD than the Hempdropz Store. Our CBD comes from organic, GMO-free hemp grown on state-approved hemp farms, and our products across the CBD spectrum are always free from contaminates, heavy metals, and pesticides.

We know CBD isn’t right for everyone—that’s why we offer free in-store samples—but if you’re considering trying CBD products, do so with the confidence that you’re getting the best quality products out there.

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