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Why are CBD Edibles so Popular?

CBD has become increasingly popular over the past few years. As individuals use CBD products more and more, there is the trend toward indulging in CBD edibles. How are they made and what makes them so popular?

Making Edibles

The process of making CBD edibles isn’t as simple as it sounds and dosing can be complicated, so it isn’t recommended to individuals who aren’t experienced with it. Making CBD edibles isn’t a matter of dumping CBD oil into your next batch of brownies and baking them as usual. The process involves extracting the cannabinoids from the hemp plant by heating it in oil or butter. The process must be done slowly and using low heat so as not to cook out the CBD. Once the CBD-infused butter is ready, it can be used in your baked good recipes much like you’d use regular butter.


Just like with other CBD products, CBD edibles provide a lot of variety to users not only in flavor, but in dosage and type of CBD. CBD edibles can be made with full or broad spectrum CBD or CBD isolate. There are a variety of dosages, and individuals can choose balanced THC/CBD edibles with a nearly equal ratio of THC and CBD or CBD dominant edibles with little (if any) THC. Once you’ve decided on a dosage, choose from lollipops, gum, mints, chocolate bars, gummies, cookies, and more!

Benefits of Edibles

For individuals who would prefer not to smoke or vape CBD, edibles are the perfect option. Some may not prefer smoke because they don’t want to smell it, inhale it, or have the potential for it to permeate carpets and walls. On the contrary, edibles are discreet and they taste delicious. If you need a dose of CBD at work to focus on your remaining tasks for the day, you can pop a CBD mint into your mouth and no one will know the difference. Snack on a CBD chocolate bar during movie night, and everyone will just think you have a sweet tooth, not that you need a little help from CBD to work through your social anxiety. Not only that, but CBD edibles can be more affordable than CBD flowers or oils. For regular users, buying CBD edibles in bulk can save a few extra bucks in the long run.

As far as physical benefits go, CBD edibles are appealing to many people because they can last upwards of two to four hours longer than CBD in other forms, such as smoke. For users looking for lasting pain or anxiety relief, or help getting a restful night of sleep, CBD edibles are the way to go.

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