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Your Guide to Baking with CBD Products

Are you looking to get crafty in the kitchen? If you love baking and you utilize the many benefits of CBD products, pairing the two together is a great next step! There are numerous benefits of baking with CBD. Let’s learn a little more about it and talk about how you can get started making your own CBD goodies.

The Benefits of CBD Baking

Individuals use CBD products for a variety of reasons, from pain management to insomnia and anxiety. Baking with CBD is a great way to enhance the effects of the product. It may take longer for the effects of CBD to kick in when you consume edibles, but the effects typically last much longer. This is because CBD is slowly absorbed into the system.

Because CBD doesn’t have any of the psychoactive highs associated with cannabis, CBD edibles can be safely consumed without the fear of experiencing an uncomfortable high. You’re also able to understand precisely how much you’re consuming and how many serving sizes provide the desired result. Using CBD for baking purposes is also an easy process once you get the hang of it.

How To Cook with CBD

Baking with CBD isn’t as simple as putting CBD directly into your cake batter or cookie dough. CBD oil must be infused into one of the fatty base ingredients you’re using, like butter or oil. Using an oil, concentrate, isolate, or crystals is advantageous because you know precisely how much you have in each batch and how that will break down in your serving sizes.

For instance, if you’re making a batch of cookies and the recipe produced 2 dozen cookies, you’ll want to use some basic math to determine how many milligrams of CBD you want in each of the 24 cookies to produce the desired effect. Using CBD crystals is as easy as heating your butter or oil on low heat and letting the crystals dissolve in it. Make sure you use low heat; high heat can destroy your CBD’s active compounds.

Once you’ve baked your goodies, be sure you store them in a dark, cool place. Excessive heat or light can damage your CBD baked goods. Visit our store for CBD products that you can use for baking.

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