E-juice for vapes. 500 mg CBD. Up to 20-30 uses/fills. Each purchase of E-juice comes with a vape pen for an additional $10. The vape pen retails for $30 otherwise. Please see below for details on our pen.


Our E-juice is a fun way to use CBD. Not to mention, our flavorings are the best. CBD doesn't have to taste bad! Vaping is just one more way you can get the therapeutic effects from CBD. It is also the fastest way to absorb a dose. 


Directions: fill vaporizer will oil. On first use, you may need to puff up to 10-20 times before the vape works. After this initial time you will not need to do this again. Follow vape kit directions for complete use. 


Effects will last for approximately 1-2 hours. 


Vape pen: The Kind Pen 

Slim Oil Premium 

  • 2 Click PreHeat Setting(2.0v) – Great for thick oils
  • 3 Click Variable Voltage(2.4v, 2.8v, 3.2v)
  • Temp Control 350mAh Battery w/ Preheat
  • LED Lighting
  • 5 Click On/Off – Safety Feature
  • Universal USB Charging


If you would like a vape pen with your E-juice, please go to the vape pen product, choose your color, and add to your cart. To receive $20 off your pen, apply the code: VAPE.

E-Juice CBD

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