This CBD moisturizer serum creates a perfect environment for the face. For instance, this serum balances the skins sebum levels and balances moisture. Especially because of the effect of the quality of ingredients and knowledge that goes into our products. This CBD Moisturizer Serum is designed for all skin types, including sensitive.


Per bottle: 1oz

- 250mg CBD


- Organic

- Handcrafted



Apply with the pads of clean fingers to a clean face, massaging into the skin in a circular motion. For best result this serum should be used 2 times a day. 


Why choose CBD infused:

This is blended with raw and organic oils of argan, rosehip, almond, and hazelnut.  Secondly, it's infuse with a blend of high dose CBD and high grade organic essential oils. Subsequently, this makes the CBD Moisturizer Serum have high levels of:

- antioxidants

- vitamins

- fatty acids

- anti-inflammatories



Oils of argan, rosehip seed, hazelnut, sweet almond, hemp derived CBD isolate, essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang, geranium & yarrow.


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Skin Moisturizer Serum


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